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Not just a customised-strategy trading bot, but even more.

Core Features

One-click preset strategy Customised-strategy

Story behind RESPECT BOT

There are already many trading Bots on telegram, such as Unibot, Maestro, and WagieBot, all of which have similar Sniper functionalities. These indeed have greatly assisted many meme enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts who prefer decentralized exchanges (DEX) over centralized exchanges (CEX), and even web2 users in breaking into the crypto industry.

Our team, including many degen users, often faces significant losses due to FOMO buying into some meme coins, which frequently experience sudden crashes (such as honeypots, malicious contract upgrades, and rug pulls) that result in substantial losses.

Our Missions

We aspire to enable everyone to freely invest in meme coins and have the opportunity to find meme coins similar to $PEPE that can significantly improve their lives. Therefore, the main feature of our product is a one-click preset trading strategy, e.g. when a token doubles in price, it automatically sells half of the position to secure the initial investment.

By implementing this strategy, our goal is to empower users to participate in meme coin investments while minimizing the risks associated with potential crashes and ensuring the preservation of their principal capital. This feature aims to strike a balance between maximizing gains and safeguarding against sudden downturns, providing a more secure and rewarding meme coin trading experience for our users.

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