💑Referral Program

We dislike price discrimination, but the market follows it, and it can lead to user growth. Please understand us, all we do is to attract more users.

Tier 1: Invite at least 1 person who successfully trades, get 0.9% transaction fee.

Tier 2: Invite more than 5 people who successfully trade, get 0.7% transaction fee.

Tier 3: Invite more than 10 people who successfully trade, get 0.5% transaction fee.

Kind remind: For each user who uses the referral link, the first bundle of strategy's transaction fee is 0, and starting from the second bundle of strategy, a 1% fee or a different fee based on the tier is charged.

❗️ The Referral Program is currently temporary, but privileges will be preserved for all existing users with different tiers for good.

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